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Menu Plan – June 13th – June 19th

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Here’s a quick run down of all the meals we’ll be having this week. I plan to post recipes of our favorites!

Monday – Shepherds Pie
Tuesday – Fajitas – Garlic Lime Flank Steak with grilled veggies
Wednesday – Roasted Chicken with smashed red potatoes
Thursday – Pasta Primavera – with chicken for hubby and the kids and with shrimp for me!
Friday – Breakfast for Dinner
Saturday – Usually leftovers and randomness
Sunday – Father’s Day – haven’t decided yet

Does anyone else sometimes wish they could eat all their planned meals in one night because everything sounds so good? 🙂

Happy Cooking this week!


New Category – Menu Plans

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We all need menu ideas, right? And when you’re getting used to cooking and baking gluten free, we can use all the help we need for ideas, right? I’m excited to start capturing what we eat week-to-week to be able to give you ideas and to remind myself what I’ve made. There are days when I will sit and stare at my grocery list and the store ads and can’t come up with a single thing to make. These lists should help!

I haven’t decided if I am going to share the menus for the coming week or reflect back…This post, I am reflecting back to last week. Another time, I might do what’s coming up. I guess it doesn’t really matter right? 🙂

May 30th – June 4th
Monday – Memorial Day! Enjoyed a variety of naturally g-free goodies at a BBQ with friends. I took a Spinach Salad topped with red onion, candied walnuts, Craisins, feta cheese and a raspberry merlot vinegrette. YUMMY!

Tuesday – Grilled Turkey Veggie Burger and Grill-Roasted Sweet Potatoes. The burger was FULL of diced red pepper, red onion, fresh garlic and sweet basil from the garden. I ate the burger on a toasted Kinnikinnick hamburger bun.

Wednesday – Grilled Chicken Spinach Salad. I marinated the chicken in the raspberry dressing from the salad and created the salad from Monday again, but this time with chicken. Served with cantaloupe.

Thursday – Mexican night! Beef and black bean nachos with On the Border tortilla chips (my favorite!) and all the fixings. Mandarin oranges on the side. Delicious!

Friday – Breakfast for the family while I got my hair done. 🙂 I fixed myself a rice dish when I got home. Medium grain rice mixed with diced chicken, feta, craisins and a bit of raspberry dressing. Ok, I am now seeing I am a bit obsessed with that combination.

Saturday – Date Night! Enjoyed the chicken nachos from Qdoba.