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Pioneer Woman’s Spicy Shredded Pork

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I am making this for dinner tonight.

I think we’ve been friends long enough for me to tell you a secret.

I love The Pioneer Woman.

There, I said it. I feel better.

I really do. Do you read her website? I didn’t call it a blog because it’s so much more than that. Entertaining stories, photography, COOKING, home and garden, even a homeschool section. She cracks me up, makes me drool over food and has made me look like a rock star in the kitchen on more than one occasion. Her recipes are fantastic. I have her cookbook. Oh, and I have her novel. See….I like her. She’s a city girl turned rancher’s wife in NE Oklahoma and I find her ranching life fascinating. Really, check out her site.

I highly recommend you take a look at her cooking section as well as her other food site, Tasty Kitchen. She is not a gluten free cook, but I have found plenty of recipes to easily convert to gluten free or that are gluten free naturally. Like, the spicy shredded pork I am making tonight.

I decided to not take pictures of the recipe to share with you because why would I when you can take a look at P-dub (that’s what I like to call her -she doesn’t mind) making it herself. The lady knows how to take some photos…

A word of warning if you click on over today. She’s featuring a pie workshop at their Lodge that is coming up soon – Don’t let that tear you up and long for Grandma’s family pie crust recipe. Take a deep breath and make a delicious pie with this crust and you’ll be just fine. 🙂

Speaking of pie…I’ll be posting later about another pie recipe. A dear lady needs us to make pie today.


Make the Pork Chops

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Yesterday, I shared two recipes that caught my eye and that I am planning to fix this week for supper. You can check it out here if you missed it.

I was particularly excited about the pork chop recipe because 1. we love mushrooms and I start salivating when I see recipes that have things covered in mushrooms and 2. I was interested to try a meat dish that is cooked on the stove. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty addicted to meat being cooked on the grill. If it’s a steak, pork chop, or chicken that we’re going to eat as the main dish, I like it grilled. (I would really like to get a grill pan for indoors. Anyone have one and love it?)

Yesterday was truly a weird day. My girls have been in swimming lessons this week, which has been a total blast. They are outdoors, so the weather needs to cooperate for them to happen. Yesterday, it rained cats and dogs, so the lessons got moved inside at the athletic club where the instructor works. The club happens to be right next to my hubby’s office, so after a bit of trading lesson times, my hubby was going to be able to stop by and watch the girls swim. Fun! (I realize this has nothing to do with pork chops, but stick with me – I have a point)

The girls and I were heading to the lessons, stopped at one of the busiest intersections on our side of town when a large passenger bus decided to BACK UP into us. Wha? This is a loooong story that I will keep short – No one was hurt, minor damage to our vehicle, 45 minutes of waiting for the Sheriffs department that was never called like I was told they had been, 10 minutes of waiting once I officially called the sheriffs department, man who hit me got a ticket, everything took so long – missed swimming lessons. Even though we missed the lessons, we still went to the club to let the girls swim. After all the drama and adventures in swimming, it was after 6 when I finally got home and started cooking.

My point in sharing all that? By the time the food was ready and we could eat – we did and I didn’t get a picture to share with you! How many of you are just wishing I said, “I don’t have a picture of the food.”? 🙂

What I WILL say short and simple is – they are delicious! I’m now a fan of pan cooked pork chops. So yummy and you need to make the pork chops.

Breaking Out of A Rut

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I’m in a rut with food. I’ve somehow lost the excitement and creativity I usually have when it comes to meal planning and choosing recipes. We’ve been really busy, which makes spending a lot of time in the kitchen tricky, but I also haven’t been feeling that great. Like I shared in an earlier post, I’ve accidentally glutened myself a couple of times which triggered a few days of feeling crummy. But, this crummy feeling has been hanging around, so I need to do a good review of what I have been eating to see if I’ve snuck something with gluten into my diet without realizing it.

I sat down this morning and searched through the gluten free recipes on Gina’s Skinny Recipes and came up with a few that I think we’ll be trying this week. Here are a couple of links to two I am excited to try:

Pork Chops with Mushrooms and Shallots

Western Omelet Potato Skins

I’m trying to focus on well-rounded meals with a lot of fresh and healthy produce, in hopes that feeding my body really good food will help me feel better. I’m planning a lot of in season veggie side dishes and fruit to go with our meals. I also need to do a much better job planning out my lunches and snacks. I’ve been short on good choices for me to snack on and I am sure that is contributing to my less than stellar energy level and yucky feeling.

So – eat well this week! Take the time to plan some delicious, good for you meals and nourish your body! I’ll let you know how the pork chops and potato skins turn out!