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Peanut Butter Cookies

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My oldest daughter loves peanut butter cookies. She is sort of particular though – she loves her Grandma’s peanut butter cookies. No pressure. 🙂

The first batch of peanut butter cookies I made that were gluten free was the super simple recipe that doesn’t use flour, but just peanut butter, sugar, egg, vanilla and baking powder. If you’d like to give it a try, I found the recipe here. For my daughter, these did not live up to her Grandma cookie standards.

So, along comes the first day of the first grade for her and I decide it would be a good idea to bake my darling daughter her favorite cookies. But I know better this time, use a different recipe. Of course, the easiest thing would have been to make my Mom’s recipe and secure a home run, but I don’t even have wheat flour in my house anymore and wasn’t about to buy a bag just for these cookies. So, on to option 2.

Option 2 came in the form of a different gluten free peanut butter cookie recipe that I found on keep it simple, keep it fresh. This is a new favorite gluten free blog of mine which you can now find on my sidebar. Lissa’s recipe looked very similar to my Mom’s, but with gluten free flour – and not even a mix of flours, just rice flour. “Easy Peasy” as the 1st grader in question would say. One thing in Lissa’s recipe that tripped me up when I first read through it is that it didn’t have any xanthan gum in the mix. So, I rattled off a question to Lissa asking why she didn’t add xanthan gum. She graciously replied and told me that for recipes that have a lot of wet ingredients, like the peanut butter in the cookies, you don’t need to use xanthan gum. Huh! Learned something new! So, I took her word and skipped the gum. Another note about the recipe is that she uses Thai rice flour. I just used my superfine brown rice flour and felt ok about that because they are both very fine rice flours.

So, after lunch, my preschooler and I set out to make peanut butter cookies. I did find my dough to be on the sticky side, so rolling them into balls got a bit tricky. I think I’ll add just a touch more flour next time (maybe a cup of thai rice flour and a cup of my superfine brown rice flour have different weights per cup?). The cookies smelled and looked like the real deal and they certainly passed the taste-test of my little helper, so I was excited to surprise the peanut butter cookie expert.

We made it home after the pick-up line and we played the guessing game to figure out what first day of school treat was waiting for her at home. She guessed peanut butter cookies pretty quickly and was looking forward to giving them a try when I said they were like Grandmas. And guess what? She loved them! Totally passed the test and I think I even got two thumbs up! Woo-hoo! I was sure to write Lissa again and tell her that the cookies were a hit and I’ll be making them again for sure. I’m thinking a few mini chocolate chips tossed in will have to be in my next batch.

Please visit keep it simple, keep it fresh for Lissa’s recipe.

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  1. My comment isn’t about the cookies so much but I had to giggle at the two thumbs up. When the girls had their little party at school Ava brought in puppy chow and when I asked her how it went she was so excited that Elise gave her “two thumbs up” for her treat. 🙂 Just thought I’d share. Good job on finding a successful replacement recipe for this favorite one!


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