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Did You Know? Udi’s Bread

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I don’t buy many pre-made gluten free items when it comes to baked goods. Very soon after going gluten free I started baking my own bread and baked goods because the few things I did buy from the store, I didn’t think were very good. I really knew the store bought bread and baked goods weren’t going to cut it for me when I sunk my tastebuds into some homemade goodies and went “Ah! So this is what GOOD gluten free tastes like! Whew!”

Since starting to bake gluten free, I’ve just been sticking to whatever I can get baked and going without whenever I haven’t had the time. It wasn’t until I was visiting my Mom’s house for the day that I tried Udi’s bread for the first time. I had seen Udi’s products many times at different stores and had read about them here and there, I just never bought any because I didn’t need to. But, this particular day at my Mom’s, it had been weeks since I had eaten a piece of bread and I wanted some. Bad. So, I defrosted two pieces of the White Sandwich Bread and smeared them with peanut butter. Oh. My. Goodness. Totally took away my negative thoughts about store-bought gluten free bread. Fist bump to you Udis! It was delicious. No funny aftertaste, great texture, and a great chew. My only complaint is that the slices are so tiny! I could eat half a loaf in a sitting after a bread-deprived stretch of time but, for the price, that doesn’t fit into my budget – or let’s be real, my waistline.

I’ve bought two loaves of the Whole Grain Bread since then and I really do love it. I know it’s not as cost-effective as baking my own, but during these extremely busy past few weeks, it’s been so nice to have some bread in the freezer that I didn’t have to take the time to bake. I also picked up a package of their hot dog buns for our Labor Day grilling. I had eaten hot dogs and hamburgers without buns all summer and wanted a treat. (Ha, ha – isn’t it funny what can be considered a treat?) I think the hot dog buns are really good too.

Udi’s also offers gluten free bagels, hamburger buns, granola, muffins and cinnamon rolls, and pizza crusts. If these products are as good as the bread, they have gained a very loyal customer. If you visit their website, there is a locator button to help you find a store near you that carries Udi’s products. If you’re local, I buy my Udi’s products from Natural Health Center or at Hardings. The site has a lot of interesting info, tips, recipes and a fun blog. Check it out!

I highly recommend you give Udi’s products a try! Here’s a coupon you can print to use on your purchase!

Have you tried Udi’s? What do you think? Are you going to give it a try soon?

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