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Are you aware that many cities have Celiac Support Groups? It’s true, and there might be one that’s a great fit for you. I just did a 2 minute search online and found an abundance of info regarding groups all across the United States (and abroad too). has an extensive list here.

The group that meets here in Kalamazoo, the Kalamazoo Area Celiac Support Group, happens to be a member of the Celiac Sprue Association. The Association’s mottos is “Celiacs Helping Celiacs” and I really like that. I looked at Michigan on the site and they list seven different chapters/groups that meet throughout the state. They range in size and how they function, but if you are in need of a support group, I recommend you do a little looking online and see if there is something near you.

These groups can be for anyone, anywhere in their gluten free journey. If you’re a newbie and still in shock – go to a group! They are there to help you. If you’re an old pro – go to a group! Be the mentor that newly diagnosed people need. Please keep in mind, even if you aren’t a diagnosed Celiac you can still go to a meeting. They don’t want to see your biopsy reports. 🙂 If you’re playing around with food eliminations, want info on how to even approach going gluten free, I am sure they would be happy to see you. I know that our local group would be happy you stopped by.

Speaking of the Kalamazoo group – the group meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Gilmore Center at Bronson in one of the classrooms of the basement level. I am planning to post the meetings each month so that if you’re are interested in joining us, you’ll have the scoop.

Are you part of a support group? Are you interested in joining one?

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