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Did You Know? thinkThin® Bars Again!

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Has anyone tried the thinkThin protein bars since I wrote about them?

I stopped into Natural Health Center yesterday and remembered to check for the other thinkThin products I wanted to try the thinkThin Crunch and the thinkThin Bites. I was excited to see that they carry them! They are not cheap! I paid almost 2 bucks for the bar and over 6 for the box of the 100 calorie Bites.

I really liked the Crunch bar! It’s very similar to a chewy granola bar and tasted great. The first 5 bites, I took each one slowly, expecting to discover a weird texture, flavor or aftertaste. But, there wasn’t any! They really are good. I recommend them for sure.

Now, the Bites. First impression – disappointing. I feel mislead. Take a look at the packaging:




Am I the only one who immediately thinks these are going to be like the 100-calorie packs that Nabisco puts out? Don’t they look like little cookie bites? I assumed, wrongly, they they are little bags of cookie type things. They are actually little bars…and I feared, like the protein bars. I showed the package to Hubby and he said he thought they were little bags of cookies too.

Well, I wouldn’t call them just like the protein bars, but they have enough similarities that I do not like them. I am disappointed, especially because I shelled out 6.49 to give them a try. Grrrr…Funny thing though, my oldest daughter loved the Bites! I had everyone take a little taste and out of all of us, she was the only one who liked it and not only that, she gobbled the entire thing and asked for another one. Ha! We call her our “chocoholic” and I think it’s true – she’ll eat anything that chocolatey.

So, the Crunch bars are great, the Bites, not so much. Oh well – now I know!

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  1. Hey Katie, did you know can get the thinkThin Crunch Bars on Amazon cheaper? They are $15.99 for 10 bars, no tax and free shipping if your order is over $25.00. However if you subscribe to ordering them and set up automatic delivery for every 1, 2, 3 or 6 months they are only $13.59 for 10, no tax and the shipping is free no matter how small the order. If your automatic order is coming up and you don’t need any you just go online and adjust the delivery for a later date. It is super easy. I get a lot of products this way. You would be amazed at the items they carry.

    • Thanks so much for the tip, Susan! I will for sure look into ordering them. I used to order pull-ups from Amazon the way you are talking about, so I am familiar. I forgot that they offer so many other products! Do you order the thinkThin products?


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