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Hi everyone! Meet Jane! Please comment and let her know your thoughts and ideas if you can relate to her story. -Katie

I have been sick for 20+ years with stomach issues. It began when I left college and started out on my own (stress trigger?) I spent lots of time and money with various doctors doing scopes, etc all to the fall back diagnosis of ‘irritable bowel’. I was aware of the some of the food combination that bothered me so stayed away from them. But, the horrible, cringing cramps could happen hours after I’d eaten anything and bring me to my knees & fetal position in a Meijer food isle. I learned to live with it and it eased up a bit over time. I experienced no symptoms while pregnant – has that happened to anyone else??

Symptoms flared again (cramps, bloating, gas) and finally gave up all gluton 2 years ago when a homeopathic doctor said I could either take herbal/enzymes/pro-biotics at the tune of $80 per mo or go gluten free. I went gluten free and never turned back. Oh, I mourned (tears shed) the loss of my favorite pasta dishes and pizza (I’m married to an Italian) but it was never worth is to go over to ‘the other side’. And, began feeling soooo much better that I was never willing to go back on to test for celiac. That and the idea that my individual insurance policy would likely be dropped and or skyrocket in $$. So, I am a self-diagnosed as celiac but could just be gluten intolerant. Either way, not going near the stuff.

Now am working towards testing my little girls. Both experience lots of stomach aches and have learned that, because they are children, insurance coverage for them should not be an issue because of the ‘pre-existing’ clause. Do want input on experience with children and individual policy insurance…and best, most effective/accurate, least invasive testing methods?

So,that’s it. If either daughter needs to be gluten free the house goes gluten free. So far, have shared out kitchen and occasionally been making two meals. Am not a ‘natural’ cook so do struggle with coming up with yummy gluten free meals that everyone (6yo, 8 yo, hubby and I) will like. I want some really good, really easy gluten free cookbook recommendations. Anyone?

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