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Pioneer Woman’s Spicy Shredded Pork

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I am making this for dinner tonight.

I think we’ve been friends long enough for me to tell you a secret.

I love The Pioneer Woman.

There, I said it. I feel better.

I really do. Do you read her website? I didn’t call it a blog because it’s so much more than that. Entertaining stories, photography, COOKING, home and garden, even a homeschool section. She cracks me up, makes me drool over food and has made me look like a rock star in the kitchen on more than one occasion. Her recipes are fantastic. I have her cookbook. Oh, and I have her novel. See….I like her. She’s a city girl turned rancher’s wife in NE Oklahoma and I find her ranching life fascinating. Really, check out her site.

I highly recommend you take a look at her cooking section as well as her other food site, Tasty Kitchen. She is not a gluten free cook, but I have found plenty of recipes to easily convert to gluten free or that are gluten free naturally. Like, the spicy shredded pork I am making tonight.

I decided to not take pictures of the recipe to share with you because why would I when you can take a look at P-dub (that’s what I like to call her -she doesn’t mind) making it herself. The lady knows how to take some photos…

A word of warning if you click on over today. She’s featuring a pie workshop at their Lodge that is coming up soon – Don’t let that tear you up and long for Grandma’s family pie crust recipe. Take a deep breath and make a delicious pie with this crust and you’ll be just fine. 🙂

Speaking of pie…I’ll be posting later about another pie recipe. A dear lady needs us to make pie today.

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  1. I love Pioneer Woman too…she’s crazy!! 🙂

  2. Am also a huge fan. Keep sharing her recipes that you’ve either converted or are naturally gf. You save me much time that way! 😉

  3. Love, love, love that woman. She is working on her SECOND cookbook and now has her own show on the Food Network. I’ve made several of her recipes and they do.not.disapoint!


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