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Did You Know? Rice Krispies Gluten Free

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Yes, it’s true, your favorite Snap, Crackle, and Pop have gone gluten free.

Rice Krispies, made by Kellogg’s, now has a brown rice variety that is free from the barley malt (flavoring) in the original recipe. I’m pretty excited about this. Isn’t it nice to know of another familiar brand and product that is gluten free? I am not sure when the gluten free variety showed up in stores, but I picked up my first box last week. The price tag says $3.49, but I think it was on sale for maybe $2.99? I did cut out some coupons this morning that included gluten free, so keep an eye out for those to help offset the cost a bit.

Living in the backyard of Kellogg’s-ville, I have heard some mixed reviews about the product. The website states that they are produced in a separate facility, but I had heard that they are not produced on a designated line. I think this is worth a phone call and I’ll get back with you once I find out.

So, how do they taste? Good! They aren’t exactly like the original – something about the texture to me, but it’s hardly noticeable. This gluten free version would be an awesome substitute for a child who has to switch to a gluten free diet and loves Rice Krispie Treats. We haven’t made them yet (plan to soon), but I bet they pass for the originals! Overall, I recommend them. I’ve seen a couple recipes for gluten free desserts that call for “crisped rice cereal” so it’s nice to have those recipes available now without shelling out big bucks for a specialty brand.

If you give them a try, let me know what you think!

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