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I glutened myself.

I HATE it when that happens – especially when it’s because of a silly mistake.

If you’re gluten free, are you careful about your medications? I was taking a store brand of acetaminophen for awhile and was feeling absolutely rotten each time I would take it. One day it clicked – duh! Check to be sure it’s gluten free. Come to find out, it isn’t a brand that is listed as safe in my gluten free shopping guide. So, I got smart, purchased the brandname Tylenol and noticed a big difference. Problem solved.

However, TWICE I have mistakenly taken the store brand that is still around the house for my hubby. One time I took it in the middle of the night. Lights off, bad headache, I ate a banana and popped two “Tylenol”. It wasn’t until mid-morning the next day, when I was feeling horrible, that I glanced at the bottle in the cupboard, gave myself a big slap upside my head, and realized I had taken the store brand. Well, no wonder I felt rotten.

I had a horrible migrane the entire day on Monday. Yesterday afternoon, my head was starting to hurt again so I decided to take a dose of medicine, lay down and beat it before it got worse. When I woke up, I felt awful. Nauseous, run down, just plain yucky. This morning, I went to the cupboard to grab the bottle of Tylenol to stick it in my purse for a day away from home and realized AGAIN that I had taken the store brand! AH! How silly and no wonder I felt so sick last night.

So, that store brand is getting a Sharpie taken to the label and cap and hopefully I can keep myself from making the mistake again!

Have you felt sick, but you can’t trace it to anything you have eaten that would have had gluten or been cross contaminated? Check your medications!

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  1. Jennifer Randall

    great post, Katie. I wouldn’t have thought about gluten in medications….


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