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Fiesta Lime Rice

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I saw the recipe for Fiesta Lime Rice over at Gina’s Skinny Recipes and knew I’d be making it soon. Last night was taco night, so I decided to make the rice to go along with it. This recipe is naturally gluten free and super tasty! I had a red pepper that needed to be eaten so I added it in, which isn’t in the original recipe. I also didn’t mix in the tomatos, but added them once I had it on my plate because I don’t like leftover tomatos in things and I knew there would be some left for lunch today. Here’s the recipe for my version of Fiesta Lime Rice:

Fiesta Lime Rice

2 cups cooked, medium or long grain rice
1/2 cup corn*
1/2 cup seasoned black beans, drained**
1/2 cup diced red bell pepper
1 tomato, diced
1 scallion diced
1-2 Tbls cilantro
Juice of 1 lime

Combine all ingredients and season with salt as needed. Yum!

*I had leftover corn on the cob that I used for the dish. The fresh corn was fantastic.
**I seasoned my black beans as I heated them on the stove with garlic powder, cumin and salt. It really helps to add flavor to the dish.

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  1. Jennifer Randall

    Yum. That looks like summer!! Thanks for sharing.


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