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New Contributor – Beth

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BethFriends, I am so excited to introduce you to Beth! Beth is what I will call my “Gluten Free Mentor” and a huge blessing to my life. I am so pleased that she will be sharing her knowledge and delicious recipes with all of us on Embracing Gluten Free. I have learned so much from Beth and I know you will too!

She has started by sharing her Celiac and gluten free journey in Your Stories. I hope you will read her story and get to know her a bit! She is a lady full of knowledge and is an exceptional baker and cook. You can trust her tastebuds and I LOVE how she calls herself a “food snob” – I knew I could trust her recipes and advice from the get-go! 🙂

You can look forward to hearing from Beth monthly on Embracing Gluten Free. I can’t wait for you to see the first recipe she is planning to share with us! YUM!

Beth, I am so glad you are a contributor on the site and very happy to have you as my mentor and friend. Welcome!

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