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My story starts with a trip to the ER. One that I will probably never forget. I was at work and noticed that my heart had started racing. This, unfortunately, was not the first time that this happened to me. I have had problems with my heart starting at the age of 17 (I am now 33). However, years ago I thought that it was always caffeine induced and if I could control my caffeine intake that I would be fine. This last ER trip was completely different, however. I immediately felt nauseous, dizzy, loss of breath, cold & sweaty palms, and shaky (like my muscles were weak). They rushed me to the ER and hooked me up to all the monitors and an IV and took blood samples…to no avail. They couldn’t see that there was anything truly wrong with me. I went home, but they said that if it happened again that I would need to come back.

Sure enough, that evening my heart started racing again, so my husband rushes me down to the ER. NOTHING was discovered. They set me up with an internal medicine doctor to do a follow up. I met him within a couple of days and there wasn’t anything that he could see right away either. He said that I would need to be hooked up to a monitor. There were two issues that I saw with this. One, my heart didn’t have this problem all of the time. Sure my heart would race, but only occasionally. What happens when the hook up the monitor and my heart is beating normally during that time? Second, my husband and I could not afford medical insurance (looking back we really couldn’t afford NOT to, but that’s another story)! ALL of these medical expenses were coming out of our pocket and we just “spent” over $3,000.00 in the ER.

I decided to forgo the monitor and take my chances. The only problem was that after the trip to the ER, my health started going downhill faster than you can lick a popsicle on a summer day! I woke up feeling sick to my stomach and went to bed feeling the same way. My insides were feeling uptight all the time. I started to notice that my pulse would “quicken” at different times during the day. My last straw was when I realized that this “illness” was debilitating me. I was on a trip out of town with my mom and some friends when I had another “attack” like I was taken to the ER for. Only this one was worse, much worse. I had to call my husband to come get me and I was an hour away from home!

I was talking to my sister, not knowing what to do as we couldn’t really afford any medical treatment and she suggested that I look into seeing a Kinesiologist. I really didn’t know what one was and didn’t know what they did, but she was convinced that they could help me. I found a kinesiologist in the phone book and decided that it really couldn’t hurt. I made the appointment and went to hear what he had to say. I gave him all of my symptoms, my troubles with my health and didn’t sugar coat a thing thinking that he would say as the medical docs did that he wasn’t sure what was going on and he would need to do some tests. I was completely shocked when he wasn’t affected at all. In a very calm voice, he explained to me that he could help me!!!!! I was relieved, completely and utterly relieved. I didn’t care what he told me I had to, i was determined to try it…I was also very desperate; that tends to help! 🙂 I came home from that appointment and told my husband that the guy was either a quack or a total genius and I hadn’t decided which he was just yet!

A kinesiologist tests your body with different food groups by holding them up next to your body and seeing if your muscles go weak. If your body weakens, that means that you are sensitive to that particular food. I came home with a list of 21 things that my body didn’t like, one of them being wheat/gluten. I was extremely discouraged and had no idea where to start. I decided the secret was in the labels! I started reading them like crazy!! My grocery trips, instead of taking an hour or two, turned into a “Gilligan’s Island” type scenario! It took me FOREVER! But really I wouldn’t trade it for the world now! I am feeling so much better and am pretty much back to normal. My kinesiologist has been so WONDERFUL and I am so glad God led me to him! He has helped me in a number of ways.

Two years later I really feel that I am on my way to complete recovery and my “normal” days far outweigh the ones where I don’t feel so hot! Truly, though, I think that being gluten free is now just going to have to be a way of life for me. I am ok with that now and would LOVE the opportunity to help others through their journey as God sees fit! I also love the fact that…like you mentioned with your snacks…I am eating more healthy now than I ever would have before!

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