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Claim Jumper – Making a Change!

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Friends, this makes me happy! You’ll remember I told you about the amazing dinner I had at Claim Jumper restaurant last week? And how I ordered off the gluten free menu they offer, but the Giant Stuffed Baker I ordered listed alfredo sauce as a topping? (Alfredo sauce is traditionally started with a flour base) Well, I used the handy contact form on the Claim Jumper website and shared my experience and that the alfredo sauce shouldn’t be listed on the gluten free menu. Someone could get really sick if it was served to them mistakenly!

I am happy to say that my email got passed along the chain of command and I received a phone call from the General Manager of Claim Jumper! He agreed that the sauce shouldn’t be on the gluten free menu and that it will be corrected on their next printing! Woo-hoo! Good for Claim Jumper listening to their customers!

If you notice something that isn’t right on a menu or anywhere someone is offering products as “gluten free”, speak up! Don’t be embarrassed! If a restaurant or company is trying to offer gluten free items, they are more than likely interested in doing it correctly and will be happy you said something!

If you find yourself at a Claim Jumper restaurant down the road, I would be really curious to hear if the menu has been corrected. 🙂

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  1. Way to go, Katie. One individual really can make a difference. I am 2 days into a gluten free diet. I need to count on things like a menu to be accurate. Consequences of mistakes can be very serious. Thanks for taking action. And thanks to Claim Jumper for being responsive. May they take the lead in the food service industry for providing healthy options for all consumers.


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