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Chicken Sausage, Asparagus and Red Potato Scramble

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Our family loves breakfast for dinner.

Eggs can be scrambled, fried, poached, made into a frittata. Bacon, sausage, veggies and fruit. Smoothies, juices…so many options, so little time. I love to spend time making a delicious breakfast spread for dinner because I don’t have that “just woke up fog” that makes me want to just drink coffee.

Yes, the spread has changed a bit. It takes a bit more effort to have a perfect sunny-side up egg on a great piece of toast since I have to actually bake the bread first. I can’t just pick up a loaf of french bread for the favorite oven baked caramel french toast anymore. Well, I could, but I wouldn’t be able to eat it too and that’s just not fair! For the most part though, breakfast is an easy go-to meal for deliciousness and quickness.

I love the versatility of eggs and all they can be combined with. Here’s a delicious scramble recipe you’re sure to love!

Chicken Sausage, Asparagus and Red Potato Scramble

A note on my recipes that are not for baking – I’m not much of a measurer. I tend to just put enough into the meal to feed our family of 4 – 2 adults and 2 kids. If you need measurements to make this recipe, let me know and I will do my best to share how much of each ingredient I used. 

Toss some leeks (or onions if they make you happier) into a saute pan with a little butter or oil.

Once the leeks are softened, add your favorite gluten free sausage. For this meal, we enjoyed Aidell’s Roasted Garlic and Gruyere Cheese Smoked Chicken Sausage. Smoked sausage or breakfast sausage would be good too.

Next toss in some asparagus – I did toss these in some salted, boiling water for a minute or two to soften them a bit and to add a little flavor. You don’t want them to overcook in the scramble, so just soften them a bit.

Add some diced, red skin potatoes that have already been cooked. I boiled mine.

Pour in some beaten eggs and scramble together. If you have a pan that can be transfered to the oven, you could lightly mix the eggs around and let it start to firm up and then finish it in the oven. Slice it into nice portions. I sprinkled a bit of kosher salt in while I “scrambled” everything. Be careful how much salt you add though because the sausage will be a bit salty and will add a lot of flavor.

I topped ours off with grated parmesan and plently of freshly ground black pepper. YUM!

What’s your favorite breakfast for dinner recipe?

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  1. Shea (that's my handsome hubby in the picture :)

    Love the recipe. Love the pictures to go along with it. Keep it up! I made the giant stuffed potato two nights ago (the one you had from Claim Jumper) with left over grilled chicken, veggies and potatoes. YUM!!! Thanks for all of the great ideas.

  2. Wait a minute! Gluten in sausage? I’m going to have to read more labels than I realized. So much to learn!!! Thank you, Katie for stepping out and making this site available. And by the way, miss you Shea!

    • Yup, there are many sausages that have gluten – and lunch meat! You will be amazed at how many things have gluten. It can get a bit overwhelming! What I did when I first got started was make a list of all the foods I could have that are naturally gluten free. This is the prefect time of year to get started gluten free because there is so much wonderful produce. Stick to “whole foods” like meats/fish, fruits and veggies and dairy and you will have tons of options – and then you can start fitting back in other things you need to learn about – if they are gluten free or not. Be sure to watch your salad dressings, marinades too. I am very happy to help you!

      • Thanks, Katie. You’re amazing! I am headed for day 4. I figure it’s ok to celebrate the small steps at the beginning. I was headed in the right direction with “clean eating.” I had never thought about sausage being anything but protein. In getting through these first days, I was happy to find that Wendy’s publishes a list of gluten free menu items, and that McD’s sells grilled chicken breasts for $2.00. Definitely worth it when I got out of work tonight and was really ready to eat. Rest assured, I have been to the grocery store since to pick up fresh chicken breast, Chex and yogurt. That will round out the fruit and vegetable options I picked up earlier in the week.

  3. Hi Katie – this looks so delicious! I am a breakfast-for-dinner kind of girl, too. And I also don’t measure – except when baking because you have to be precise! Love your blog and I do believe that God causes us to go through things so that we can help others – and learn from others who are further along the path. Keep up the great work!

    • I am so glad you like the recipe and the site. And thank you so much for commenting and saying hello! Makes writing so fun when I hear from people! 🙂


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