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Away From Home – What To Eat?

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Over the next week I will be away from home on two different overnight trips. A big part of my planning for these trips now includes planning snacks and what I’ll be eating. Here are a few of my go-to snacks for carrying with me on errands or for being away from home.

Lara Bars – Have you tried these?? YUM! I love them. Lara Bars come in almost 20 different flavors and they are so good. My personal favorite, Cherry Pie, is made with only dates, almonds and cherries! It is amazing how much it actually tastes like cherry pie! I can buy them at my local grocery store.

Bolthouse Farms Juice – These juices pack a punch with fruit and veggie servings. The Strawberry Banana juice has something like 3 1/2 servings of fruit in it! They are delicious and satisfying as a snack.

Trail Mix – I like to mix up my own to keep cost down. I typically have raw almonds (skin on) and walnuts in the house, so I will toss together nuts, craisins, and chocolate chips or M&Ms for an easy and tasty snack.

Fruit and Veggies- Obvious, but you can’t go wrong with a banana, kiwi (did you know you can cut them in half and use a spoon to eat the fruit right out of the skin!), grapes, strawberries, carrots, celery sticks, bell pepper slices, etc. With all the different size containers out there, it’s easy to fill up a container of fruit or veggies and take it along. I personally am super excited for blueberry season and picking those fresh blueberries to keep on hand!

Chex Cereal – Can I just say how thankful I am for Chex? If you haven’t tried the Chocolate Chex cereal, get yourself to the store today. It hits the spot for something sweet and then some. Instead of ice cream for that late night fix, pour a bowl of Chocolate Chex. You won’t be disappointed. I regularly carry a container of Chex cereal to munch on while on the go.

Baked Treats – I love keeping muffins, cookies, and small loaves of bread in my freezer. It’s so wonderful to be able to grab a few things from the freezer and give them a quick defrost or to just take them along for later. What will I be taking with me on this first trip? A couple of the pumpkin muffins I made earlier this week.

If I am heading away from home and can take a cooler, I typically pack things like yogurt, cheesesticks, lunchmeat (I love Dietz and Watson deli meats), and hard-boiled eggs.

It does take more work to pack and plan snacks instead of grabbing something on the go. But, when I stop to think about what I actually eat now versus what I might have picked up from a fast food joint (eew), I feel really good about my snacks. For overnight stays, check to see if your hotel as a refrigerator in the room. If you know you’ll have one, you can pack a lot more!

What are your favorite gluten free snacks on the go?

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  1. I like vanilla yogurt and dark chocolate almonds, a surprisingly low carb option. I also love the Lara bars. My choice is the multi-pack of mini bars with apple pie, cherry pie and cashew cookie. The mini bar is enough for me with something to drink.

  2. By the way, keep an eye out for Lara bars @ Target. We have found them on clearance several times.


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