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My New Favorite Gluten Free Pasta

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Pasta has to be the one thing I miss most on a gluten free diet. I love to create pasta dishes as much as I love to eat them. And let’s be real – pasta is cheap and quick. In a pinch, boil some noodles, toss on some sauce, serve with some veggies and fruit and bam, you have dinner.  My oldest daughter has always gotten excited when I would tell her pasta was for dinner. She’d start asking what I was making this time – was it going to be something with Pesto? Veggies? Lots of CHEESE? I have so many pasta recipes I’ve just stopped making. None of the gluten free pasta brands have done it for me…it hasn’t even been worth substituting them into my recipes for an average result. I have just been skipping our favorites all together.

The common favorite among many gluten free-ers (is that what I should call us? Sounds boring. Note to self: come up with quirky name for “us”) is Tinkyada. Honestly, it’s just so-so to me. It still gets gummy and has an aftertaste to me. I have wondered if maybe I wasn’t cooking it correctly, but seriously? It’s pasta – it shouldn’t be complicated. I like it for the price compared to other gluten free options and it BY FAR surpasses other brands I have tried which I have flat out deemed inedible. But, I tried something new tonight and it’s going to change everything. Well, everything regarding pasta at least.

I read this post from Shauna at The Gluten-Free Girl and The Chef. I love her. I find myself talking to the computer screen saying, “I know! Yes! I totally agree! Well said!” She’s wonderful and I love her site. I have her cookbook on my list of must-haves and can’t wait to try her recipes. She’s for sure at a different level of cooking than I am – her husband is a chef at a restaurant, but a girl can aspire!

In the recipe portion of the post she mentioned that she and her husband like Bionaturae brand of gluten free pasta. I had never heard of it before, so I did a little reading. Organic, gluten free pasta with what they call, “Italian Magic”. And, I figured if it is good enough for Shauna and her Chef hubby, then I had to try it! So, I found out that Natural Health Center on West Main carries it! It’s not cheap at $5.49 for a 12 oz bag (6 servings), which is over a dollar more than Tinkyada at my grocery store. But, since I have been longing for good pasta, it was worth the bucks. A quick thought about gluten free pasta and the cost. I realize we’re all used to picking up the big box of spaghetti noodles for .89 cents and that over 5 bucks a bag seems like robbery. What I have found when it comes to the specialty, store-bought gluten free items is that you have to change the way you view them as part of your meal. When the pasta was .89 cents, you probably had a big plate of pasta and a little salad. With gluten free pasta it’s the opposite. To stretch your dollar, you need to have a small portion of pasta and more veggies and fruit. That’s the better proportion for us anyways, right?

So tonight, while the rest of the family had cheese ravioli, I cooked up my small serving of Bionaturae penne noodles. And dare I say it – PERFECTION. Seriously. No gummy, scummy water. No weird bite. And, no after taste! Now, it’s been awhile since I’ve had semolina pasta, but I think I’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. I gave my hubby a bite and he said it was great! I AM SO EXCITED! Could this be the return of our favorite pasta dishes? I think so!

And, in other great news, if you order from Amazon, the bags come to only $3.60 each! This just keeps getting better and better! Let me know if you try out the Bionaturae and what you think!

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  1. Katie, I can’t wait to try it! I love pasta. I’ll have to scout out a local option for purchase or wait until July when I’m back in Kalamazoo. Thanks for your site. Mary

    • I was thinking, Mary. If you don’t want to commit to the 6 bags via Amazon, do you have friends or family who ate gluten free that would want to go in on it with you? I hope you can find it near you. The company website does have a store locator. Check that out! Be sure to tell me what you think if you get some. 🙂


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